What They’re Saying

Teacher for the Universal Voice

“Richard has helped me keep my voice in tip-top condition to match the grueling, eight-show-a-week schedule. His knowledge reaches beyond the Broadway or Classical realm as well. Whatever style of music you sing, Richard is the teacher for the Universal voice!”

- Matthew Morrison
Emmy Award-Winning Glee, FOX
Tony Award-winning South Pacific, Broadway
Tony Award-winning The Light in the Piazza, Broadway (Tony nomination)
Tony Award-winning Hairspray, Broadway
Footloose, Broadway
Once Upon A Mattress, TV film
NYU, Tisch School of the Arts

He Is One Of The Most Skilled And Knowledgeable People

“I was recovering from vocal surgery when Richard was recommended to me by my vocal therapist and my ENT. Richard identified many of the problems that lead to my vocal damage and helped me find healthier ways of singing, while helping me rebuild my voice. During this time, I booked a role in what was to be the most vocally challenging role I’ve ever had. Richard helped me ease into the vocals and guided me through the score in a way that prevented me from pushing and abusing myself. With his help, I was able to sing the role without any problems and got some great write ups about my voice. He is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable people when it comes to the human voice and its mysteries. I am grateful for his help in getting me back on track and would recommend him to anyone and everyone.”

- Fabio Monteiro
Roger in Rent, Pioneer Theatre
Che/Magaldi understudy in Evita, NCT
Leading roles in regional theatres

You Are Definitely In Good Hands With Him

“Richard understands better than anyone the craft of singing. He has an incredible instinct to guide his students to their perfect sound no matter what style of music they sing. You are definitely in good hands with him.”

- Eduardo “Lalo” Medino
Singer and voice teacher
Monterrey, Mexico

He’s The Bomb!

“I began instruction with Richard when I first moved to New York and within 6 months, I booked the role of young Tarzan in the Broadway musical.  He gave me the confidence in understanding my range to be able to walk into a room with Arthur Laurents and discuss the different keys I would be able to sing for him. He’s the BOMB!”

- Dylan Riley Snyder
Kickin’ It on Disney XD
Young Tarzan in Tarzan, Broadway
Little John in the Tony Award-winning West Side Story, Broadway


“Richard’s no-nonsense approach to developing and strengthening the voice produces exceptional results. He provided me with the discipline and technique to be vocally free and versatile. The musicality and theatrical instinct he imbues in his students work is exquisite.”

- Jesse Factor
Martha Graham Dance Company
NYU/CAP21 alum

Richard is One Of Those teachers I Will Never Forget

“Richard is one of those teachers I will never forget. His ruthless sense of humor and belief in the power of my voice allowed me to find authentic ways to communicate in multiple styles. I love him and miss him and hope we can sing again soon!”

- Sara Inbar
Tony Award-winning Mamma Mia, Broadway (original company)
Olive in Tony Award-winning 25th Annual Spelling Bee, Broadway

Plain And Simple…Richard Lissemore

“Plain and simple, you will become a better singer working with the talents of Richard Lissemore.”

- Jessica Leigh Brown
Tony Award-winning Follies, Broadway
Spiderman, Broadway
Radio City Rockettes

He’s A Musical Wizard!

“Richard is the best. He’s a musical wizard, casting his magical spells on any pesky little vocal glitches I may have. Singing has become effortless, flexible, unlimited in options, and the colorful art form of storytelling that it’s meant to be. You walk in a singer, and you walk out an Artist!”

- Maura Matlak
Recording Artist

My Voice And Range To New Heights!

“After taking several years of professional voice lessons from other teachers and thinking I had gone as far as I could go, Richard was able to take my voice and range to new heights in just a few lessons. In continuing with Richard, we have harnessed what separates me from the hundreds of other performers, and amplified it to give me the confidence and uniqueness to book the job. My only regret is that I didn’t start with him sooner.”

- Chris Gleim
Radio City Christmas Spectacular, New York
Regional Theatre

He Inspired And Taught Me To Reach My Goals

“Richard taught me how to understand and train my voice. Perhaps more importantly, he inspired and challenged me to work to reach my goals across the board- from Rockettes to Miss America and now entreprenuer. Although not singing as much now, I still use the tools I learned from Richard vocally and mentally!”

- Kandice Pelletier
Miss New York 2006
Radio City Rockette
Kandice Pelletier Swimwear

His energy is mesmerising !

“Richard Lissemore made me believe that I’m more than just a dancer. He showed me how to be a better singer, made me leave Europe and start an adventure in NYC. He was never wrong!  He taught me wonderful things about singing, show business and made me stronger and better than ever. With Richard, I always felt safe, even when he pushed me out of my comfort zone…and boy he knows how to do that.  His energy is mesmerising.  NYC without Lissemore would be like Paris without the Eiffel Tower.”

- Daniel Rakasz
Johnny in Dirty Dancing, Berlin
Cabaret and Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cortland Rep

He Truly Understands What it is to Coach and Train the Singing Actor

“Without Richard, I would have never been able to ‘speak on pitch’ and move in-between so many musical styles. He truly understands what it is to coach and train the singing actor. A no-nonsense, direct, practical, but supportive approach to getting the healthiest and purest tone.”

- Buck Hujabre
Tony Award-winning Jersey Boys, National Tour

He Helps You Find The Best Sounding Version Of You

“Richard has the ability to help you embrace your natural voice while at the same time helping to develop and strengthen it to be a superior standard in our competitive industry. He teaches in a fast, effective manner to help you sound better in auditions immediately. He helps you find the best sounding version of you.”

- Jennifer Dunne
Tony Award-winning Chicago, Broadway
Tony Award-winning Curtains, Broadway

Richard Lissemore Is Just Plain Brilliant!

“Richard Lissemore is just plain brilliant. If I achieve any modicum of success, it will be because of him.”

- Phoebe Gonzalez
Northwestern University Theatre Major

He Teaches You How to Be the Best

“Such a shame Richard Lissemore doesn´t live in Munich…he´d be my favorite singing teacher!!!! His knowledge about voice, singing technique and repertoire are amazing. He teaches you how to be the best you can be in an audition as well as during a performance. Attending Richard´s workshops and working privately with him has been such a pleasure and an enrichment to my life. I can’t wait for my next lesson!!!”

- Veronika Benning
Munich, Germany

He’s Been There

“Richard has such a strong foundation in technique and is particularly good at identifying and breaking all those bad, little habits that you don’t even realize have become second nature to yourself. Because he has stood in front of those casting tables just like us, he knows what we go through at auditions. He’s been there.”

- Randy Bobish
Tony Award-winning Fiddler On The Roof, Broadway
Tony Award-winning 42nd Street, Broadway

From a Dancer’s Perspective, Richard Made Sense

“From a dancer’s perspective, Richard made sense of a vocal audition. Not only has he helped my voice and its sound, but the understanding of the audition significantly increased my confidence as a dancer who sings.”

- Eddy Bowles
The Pirate Queen, Broadway
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Broadway
Many dance companies

Priceless Value to My Personal Development

“I first met Richard in Munich, where he coached me through a delicate emotional song. Up to that point, I had not trusted myself to use such emotionally charged material. Not only did he clarify the style and help me with the vocal production, he also helped me overcome the emotional block I had in dealing with such repertoire. Now, whenever I learn a new song, I always go back to that memory as a base. It never fails. Richard has helped me reach new strength and a level of performance which I always knew I had, but previously couldn’t access. My work with Richard has been of priceless value to my personal development as a singer and for my professional career.”

- Brian Bowley
Phantom of the Opera, Germany
Cats, Germany

I Would Send My Voice Students

“Richard Lissemore is the teacher I would send my voice students to.”

- Adrienne Angel
teacher of Bernadette Peters, Ann Reinking and many others

The Reason I Progressed and Worked!

“Wow, what can I say about you? What can’t I say? You ARE the reason I progressed and worked!!! You are the reason that I got the chance to go on for Ulla with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick on Broadway!”

- Jennifer Paige Chambers
Tony Award-winning The Producers, Broadway and National Tour
Radio City Music Hall Rockette
Tony Award-winning Cats, National Tour
Copa Cabana, National Tour

Richard has Revolutionized the Way I Approach Singing

“Richard has very simply revolutionized the way I approach singing. He truly understands the science of the voice and is quickly able to pinpoint the subtle bad habits that keep us all from our best voice. He has made me a stronger, more confident performer and I don’t know what I would do without him!”

- Kate Bartholdus
Many regional performances
NYU, Tisch School of the Arts
Swing band singer

His Energy and Compassion Cannot Be Matched

“Despite having seen many other voice teachers in NYC, it was only when I met with Richard Lissemore that I began to really see how the voice works. It was only a matter of months before my voice improved dramatically. His approach to singing and his energy and compassion cannot be matched.”

- Rachel Cipriano
NYU, Tisch School of the Arts

Results are Undeniable

“Like a triage nurse at one of America’s busiest emergency rooms, Richard Lissemore instantaneously diagnoses his patients’ vocal problems. Then, with skill and alacrity he stabilizes his student with knowledge, compassion, and great humor. The singer, with a class of witnesses, improves immediately. In my opinion, his technique and speed are unmatched, and his results are undeniable.”

- Kevin T. Collins
NYU, Tisch School of the Arts
Much regional theatre, TV and independent films

Richard Knows What He Is Talking About

“Having the chance to work with Richard Lissemore was such a privilege and a great opportunity. For serious singers who need inspiration, I recommend Richard, because he is so confident and he knows what he is talking about.”

- Emily Fisher
Kamp NYC

Thank You, Richard!

“I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I could produce the sounds that are coming out of my mouth! I am agog at what is going to happen at my next lesson! Thank you, Richard!”

- Lindsay Gee
University of Oklahoma

Extraordinary Voice, Extraordinary Mind

“I am proud to have been Richard Lissemore’s college voice teacher. He was, even in those days, a remarkable talent, an extraordinary voice, and an extraordinary mind. He has gone on to study the best vocal techniques and has made them his own. I am always happy to recommend any serious singer to him for study.”

- Valorie Goodall
Professor of Voice and Director of Opera,
Mason Gross School of the Arts,
Rutgers the State University

A Special Gift That Incorporates Knowledge, Creativity and Perceptiveness

“You have a special gift that incorporates knowledge, creativity and a perceptiveness about people that embodies all of your skill as a teacher. I now know from personal experience how lucky people are to know you.”

- Nina Grand
Cabaret performer

Taught Me How to Get Out of My Own Way

“Richard has taught me how to vocally ‘get out of my own way.’ His approach to singing as ‘speaking on pitch’ really helps get the most power out of my voice, with the least amount of effort.”

- Buck Hujabre
Tony Award-winning Jersey Boys, National Tour
AMDA grad
Performances worldwide

A Miracle Worker

“Richard is truly a miracle worker. I have audited several of his master classes and every one has featured at least one life-altering experience. How exciting to see performers put on the correct path to mastery.”

- Marcia Hearst

Playing Principal Roles with Confidence

“I highly recommend Richard’s honest approach. He doesn’t let you get away with anything. I went from squeaking by the vocal audition for the chorus to playing principal roles with confidence. I finally feel that I have the technique to make smart vocal choices. The days of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best are over. Thanks Richard!”

- Melissa Mahon
Tony Award-winning Chicago, Broadway and National Tour
Tony Award-winning The Producers, Broadway and National Tour
Tony Award-winning 42nd Street, Broadway
Radio City Music Hall Rockette

Astounding. Amazing. A-1!!

“Astounding. Amazing. A-1!! You simply knocked me out at your masterclass last night. You always do. Each and every time I leave one of your classes, I am reeling and wowed with your abilities. How grateful am I to watch you work and how envious? Words cannot even express those emotions. Thanks again and again.”

- Trudi Mann
Cabaret chanteuse

Cleaner Sound With Less Effort

“Richard helped me make a cleaner sound with considerably less effort. He also gave me the confidence to trust that sound, which, I have found, is half the battle.”

- Sean McCourt
Tony Award-winning Mary Poppins, Broadway
Tony Award-winning Wicked, Broadway
Tony Award-winning Titanic, Broadway
A Man Of No Importance, Broadway
Bat Boy, Off-Broadway

A Very Strong Influence

“I worked with Richard in Stuttgart, Germany and he really gave me some new ideas about presenting myself in an audition. He helped me so much in the development of my voice and has been a very strong influence. I hope to work with him again as soon as possible!”

- Hans Piesbergen
Major roles throughout Germany and Canada

Truly Masterful

“His obvious command of the many aspects of our art and craft were not only impressive but entertaining as well. And his focus on the individual needs of each student and his ability to work at each person’s level was truly masterful.”

- Josephine Mongiardo
New York Singing Teachers’ Association

Helped Me Reach My Lifelong Dream

“After 10 years of training, from 10 different teachers in America and abroad, I finally found a teacher who helped me reach my lifelong dream of vocal excellence. Thanks to Richard, I now have not only the voice I’ve always dreamed of but also a clear understanding of the vocal mechanism and how it works.”

- Laurie Potter
performer and voice teacher

His Knowledge and Professional Presentation are Exquisite

“Simply put: Richard gives his total attention to the student and to the work at hand while creating intense focus in an incredibly supportive atmosphere. His humor disarms the performer’s ego and his knowledge of the voice, style, and professional presentation are exquisite. A singer can experience the joy of being free to play while being completely prepared for auditions.”

- Alyssa Preston
Phantom of the Opera, Germany
Hunchback of Notre Dame, Germany
Dance of the Vampires, Germany

An Inspiration Both Professionally and Personally

“Richard Lissemore is a teacher who doesn’t just insist on your personal best, but gives you the tools and guidance to achieve it. I find Richard to be an inspiration both professionally and personally.”

- Thos Shipley
Jazz vocalist, MAC Award Winner

Simply the Best

“So, where should I start? You’re just a wonderful teacher because of your natural ability to bring out the spirit and the soul of each person. You immediately correct the bad, little habits of everyone, you’re great with vocal technique, you’re very inspiring and so full of all the emotion that is needed for a great performance. You’re simply the best.”

- Christian Sollberger
many performances throughout Europe

A Higher Level

“A masterclass with Richard Lissemore is like a key change in a good song: it brings you to a higher level. It’s true. The three times that I had the chance to work with him were like three key changes in my life as a musical performer. They seriously put me on a higher level. He gave me new ideas, showed me the way and gave me direction. I am so thankful!”

- Rolf Sommer
many performances throughout Europe
Zurich, Switzerland

Solace and Sense of Belonging

“As I was reflecting on my experience at NYU/CAP 21, I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I don’t think you could possibly understand how much you are appreciated by me, because not even I comprehend all that you have done to affect my being and my soul. Even through the little things that you incorporated into your classes, I found solace and a sense of belonging. Although the NYU experience has come to an end, I think that I shall remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for the time that you invested in my performances. Know that you are truly missed.”

- Kyle Traver
NYU, CAP 21 summer program

Pure and Simple Technique that Works

“Finding Richard was like finding the needle in the haystack. He offers a pure and simple technique that works for any style of singing.”

- Anya Turner
Greetings From Yorkville, SOHO Rep

Absolutely Excellent!

“I was very fortunate to attend a workshop with Richard Lissemore in Munich, Germany. It was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had since leaving the Boston Conservatory. What I liked most about Richard’s approach was his easy manner and his ability to allow the students to discover ways of performing a song by giving them guidance but not by dictating how they should sing it. He is absolutely excellent!”

- Lemuel Wade
many performances throughout Europe and the U.S.

A Great Inspiration

“The brilliance of watching someone totally confident with his place in the world is seductive. Your master class was nothing short of inspiring. Watching you work with students to bring out the best in them, seeing your generosity and caring, and most of all the joy you create in everyone, was a great inspiration to me.”

- Jacqueline Wales
Author and Lifecoach

Approaches Work with Technical and Business Savvy

“If you want someone to be honest and up front, Richard is always there for you. He gets right to the problem and approaches his work with both a technical and business savvy.”

- Stephanie Waters
Les Misérables, Broadway and Tour
NYU, Tisch School of the Arts

The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had

“Richard is the best teacher I’ve ever had! Finally, someone who caters to dancers who are trying to make a break into the singing world! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.”

- Callie Carter
Tony Award-winning Rock Of Ages, Broadway
Tony Award-winning Spamalot, Broadway and National Tour
Tony Award-winning 42nd Street, Broadway
Radio City Rockette