What They're Saying

Priceless Value to My Personal Development

“I first met Richard in Munich, where he coached me through a delicate emotional song. Up to that point, I had not trusted myself to use such emotionally charged material. Not only did he clarify the style and help me with the vocal production, he also helped me overcome the emotional block I had in dealing with such repertoire. Now, whenever I learn a new song, I always go back to that memory as a base. It never fails. Richard has helped me reach new strength and a level of performance which I always knew I had, but previously couldn’t access. My work with Richard has been of priceless value to my personal development as a singer and for my professional career.”

- Brian Bowley
Phantom of the Opera, Germany
Cats, Germany


Montclair State University March 10-11, 2016

Richard was the plenary speaker and master clinician for the NATS Eastern Region Conference.

The Singing Voice Science Workshop

June 8-10, 2016: Montclair State University

Richard is the co-chair and principal organizer of this workshop. For details and registration, please visit www.SingingVoiceScience.com

NATS Tampa Bay, FL

October 15, 2016

Richard will be the guest speaker and master clinician for this chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Topics include Standard Pedagogy & Technique for Female Theater Voice as well as Falsetto Integration into Male Chest Voice.